Communities that run well have well-run finances.

As a Board Member you help direct a non-profit corporation. You have a lot of responsibilities, fulfilling your fiduciary duties is essential, and your community's finances are one of your top priorities.

Hammersmith Management understands this.

Hammersmith Management provides a complete suite of monthly financial reports led by a team of experienced accountants, including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Homeowner Financial Communication
  • Income Statement
  • Audit Facilitation
  • Cash Receipts and Disbursements
  • 1120H Tax Preparation
  • Check Register
  • Corporate Status Reports
  • Budget Variance Report
  • 1099 Administration
  • Aging Receivables
  • Annual Budget Analysis
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Reserve Analysis Review
  • Reserve Account Investment Statements

In addition, we manage:
  • Banking Administration
  • Master and Sub Association Assessment Analysis
  • Delinquency and Follow up
  • Lien Management

Our financial and fund management protocols and systems provide the necessary segregation of duties that are secure and effective, and we are fully insured.

One call or email to Hammersmith Management starts the process.